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Photo: Dave Noonan

Toowoomba Wedding Expo 2012

Thank you to everyone who attended the Toowoomba Wedding Expo in 2012. The day was a great success, attended by hundreds of brides-to-be.

Attendees Erin Brown and Steven Peck gathered tips for their big day, explaining, "We've got most things sorted but we're just looking at sorting the odds and ends."

A huge thanks also goes to everyone who contributed to the Expo. Exhibitors said it was a successful day with a number of deposits put down from potential buyers.

"It's been really good," Kisha Werba from Casar Elegance said. "We've had a lot that aren't getting married until next year or 2015 but still looking."

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Wedding Expo 2012 Photo Gallery

Kerry and Jenny McCoy

Emmy Thompson and Lachlan Puig

Joy Dearling, Casey Dearling and Shyla Brown

Kerry Wilkie, Alana Wilkie, Hollye Baltos and Makeesha McHugh

Candice Davey, Sarah Conroy, Elisha Henrichsen, Samantha Paterson and Caitlin Duffy

Melinda Bacon, Kelli Brownlow and Tara Glass

Lorrelle and Ashleigh Brotherton

Zoe Bryant, Rachael Salomon and Bridie Fleming

Stalls at the Wedding Expo

Jessica Stone and Cristina Kuhn

Erin Browne and Steven Peck

Photos by Dave Noonan.