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Vintage Wedding Theme

The 2012 Wedding season has started early and we've kicked it off with a wonderful Vintage themed wedding held at Newtown Hall in Toowoomba.

Helping you create a unique Vintage theme.

We have a large range of unique products in our showroom and we can also source products to make your modern vintage theme really stand out including:

- vintage bottles, vases, glassware containers
- patterned fabrics, hessian and satin fabrics in a wide range of colours
- black boards,
- vases with string
- metal buckets of flowers
- candelabra and a large range of candle holders and lots more to choose from!

For this wedding the bride wanted low cost decorations, the ceremony and reception needed to be held at the same venue (to keep costs down and to minimise travel distance for guests!) So the room was speedily transformed straight after the ceremony. Intimate tables with soft lighting throughout the hall created a wonderful atmosphere. Overall, the bride was very happy with the finished result!