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Wedding Food Trends 2014

Planning your Food Menu

The food menu is still one of thе most essential ingredients іn thе entire wedding function. Iѕ іt аnу wonder thеn thаt ѕо muсh thought goes into deciding thе menu аnd service?

Choose Thе Venue

Begin your caterer search at the same time you're looking at venues (about 12 months before your wedding date). The two decisions go hand in hand since many venues have their own catering team and may require you to use them exclusively.

If the venue permits outside suppliers ask them about their preferred list of caterers – there’s usually a good reason why they like to work with those particular suppliers.

Make a time to review and taste the menu options! If you have particular dishes in mind then make sure the facilities and kitchen space will allow those to be created. If you are bringing in your own caterer, you may be charged an extra fee so check with the venue.

Choosing the menu

Do you want the meal to be the focus of the night? Then you may want to opt for a sit-down dinner with multiple courses. Is music and entertainment going to be the main event? Pick a less formal dining style like appetizers and finger foods, so guests can easily grab a bite before hitting the dance floor. The timing (and length) of key reception moments (speeches, spotlight dances, the cake cutting) should help guide the menu and style. Got lots of guests looking to make longer speeches? Consider the sit down option.

Food trends 2014

Mini versions of your favourite meals. Think small bite size pieces – like mini burgers or single meatball topped with spaghetti and sauce. Cute bite size pieces that look great and are easy for guests to enjoy in one bite (and its not messy and doesn’t require cutlery)

Bite size pieces means you can afford to have a greater variety of foods to keep everyone satisfied and keep food costs down!

Buffets are still a winner and popular as ever. Guests can select from a variety of options in the quantity they choose and it also creates an enticing focal point. One tasty buffet option is to have various ‘stations’ For example, a cheese station with an array of mild and strong flavours with breads, fruits, and nuts. Don’t forget the wonderful whimsical desert station where guests can help themselves or create their own takeaway goodie bag.